Casanova’s Worst Nightmare Happens in RICO Case

This week, information became public, that the Godfather of the Gorilla Stone Reign, Brandon Nieves, had taken a plea deal. Known by many as Untouchable Dot, Mr. Nieves is set to accept his guilty plea on November 18th.

Initially, he was arrested and charged in connection with the September 21, 2020, murder of a minor in Poughkeepsie. Then, having a link to the Bloods division of Brooklyn, everything became tied in for a large sweep of multiple men from Flatbush.

For that situation alone in Poughkeepsie, Untouchable Dot faces life in prison; as several other various charges were also set to be brought against. However, since these alphabet people care so much about the areas these individuals come from, they felt Untouchable Dot agreeing to their story details would immediately close cases.

Since Mr. Nieves becomes the first person to formally take a plea, this is bad news the rapper. Casanova, who initially pleaded not guilty to all charges that were brought against him, may not even have a chance to work out any agreement on taking lesser charges.

The most serious charge the Brooklyn rapper faces, was Conspiracy to Commit Racketeering. The RICO charge will set him at a mandatory of 20 years minimum in prison, facing a maximum of life in prison.

Untouchable Dot is also tied to that case, where Cas is claiming his innocence. However, now that the Godfather has said fuck this shit agreed to terms on avoiding trial, look for things to immediately pick up soon for the rest of the Apes locked up. It’s not looking good for the case of Casanova heading forward.

For those that are not understanding, Untouchable Dot taking a guilty plea is going against the innocent plea Casanova is taking for the same charges. We’re hoping he doesn’t blow trial and only gets the lesser charges of 20 years.

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