ShaqIsDope – Re-Rock

The new song follows ShaqIsDope’s July release, “Baddie (Break Her Heart).”
“You see the thing is, like, why would you wanna even like, even up the score? You should just double it, you know?” ShaqIsDope says at the beginning of his new single, “Re-Rock.”

The two minute and 57-second long track is filled with quick-witted, impactful bars. “Don’t forget me/I’ve been living sort of like the Book of Revalations/Lust, greed, falling on my knees/Tryna succeed, really had no patience,” the Toronto rapper spits.

The last time ShaqIsDope released an album was back in 2020 with the 10-track, featureless, Dark Days Ahead. Since then, he’s been steady dropping singles like “Blame Game,” “Cali Love,” and “Baddie (Break Her Heart).”

Back in July, Shaq shared a post to his Instagram page, letting fans know that he was “recording some fire” while in the studio. It’s unclear if the aforementioned heat was “Re-Rock,” but if not, we’d love to see a new album from the up-and-coming star soon.

Have you listened to ShaqIsDope’s latest release yet? If not, stream the song on Spotify or Apple Music below.