The Story of DJ Kay Slay & Alpo Martinez Creating the Biggest Mixtape in the History of New York City

DJ Kay Slay, Alpo Martinez 2000 mixtape story is examined in this piece of New York City history and why the streets switched to Slay. Regardless of what Wikipedia says, Alpo Martinez returned home early, after serving just over 10 years behind bars. To protect his identity, Alpo was forced to remain in hiding, while awaiting a new identity.

However, before he returned home, DJ Kay Slay released part 1 of his Original Gangsters mixtape series. In our lifetime, seeing Slay get his flowers for being an authentic contributor to the hip-hop behind-the-cameras, this project was the largest mixtape in the history of New York City.

For the first time ever, the general public got a chance to hear Alpo Martinez speak for the first time ever about his decision and regrets for how things went down with Rich Porter. This led to him sharing shocking information from the FEDs, which led to a conversation with Azie Faison.

This was also their first-time having communication in public, after Po’s arrest in 1991. That alone had people spending upwards of$100 USD just to hear the exclusive interview from DJ Kay Slay. The nearly hour-long conversation had Alpo reflecting on his life, in the form of essentially a eulogy and his only interview ever.

At the top of this year, Mr. Martinez had plans of releasing an official documentary, including a sit-down with a major media platform. With the Harlem native shot and killed over the weekend, we’re curious what happens now for the future of his brand.

Look for possible movie studios to look into examining how big this story actually is, beyond the Paid in Full film he had no creative input in.